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PCC Blog: Taking the fight for funds to Westminster

Jul 25 2017

Here in the West Midlands we have watched as our policing budget has been slashed by central government to the tune of £145 million over the last 7 years. It means we've lost nearly 2000 officers. Many, including me, say enough is enough. 

Launch of new Domestic Violence Perpetrator Programme

Jul 20 2017

The West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner is rolling out a new 30 week programme for domestic violence perpetrators designed to change their behaviour and reduce the number of victims.   

PCC response to latest crime statistics - These figures are further evidence the government needs to change course on police funding

Jul 20 2017

Today's statistics show crime is increasing nationally and regionally. Whilst the West Midlands Police Force area has seen total recorded crime rise by 11%, elsewhere in the region; Warwickshire's total recorded crime jumped by 19% in the last year, Staffordshire by 14% and West Mercia by 11%.

PCC response to government's proposed knife crime measures

Jul 18 2017

Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson has responded to the government's new proposed measures on knife crime.

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Police and Crime Plan

The law requires every PCC to have a Police and Crime Plan, detailing the policing to be provided and the PCC's objectives.

David Jamieson's 2016-2020 Police and Crime Plan, Your Police Your Priorities is here.

The PCC's plan is split into seven key areas:

Protecting from harm

Supporting victims of crime

Building trust and confidence in our police

Strengthening communities and growing the economy

Building a modern police service

Standing up for young people

Tackling national and international threats

Police and Crime Plan 2016-2020

West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner

The Police and Crime Commissioner must ensure an efficient and effective police force in our area.

They set the priorities for the Force, decide the budget, and hold the Chief Constable to account.


In order to fulfil these roles, the PCC has a range of powers and responsibilities, including:

  • The production of a Police and Crime Plan
  • Setting the policing precept
  • The appointment and, if necessary, the dismissal the Chief Constable
  • Can make Crime and Disorder Reduction Grants
  • Oversight in how complaints against the police are managed
  • Duties relating to national criminal threats, safeguarding of children, and consulting the public
  • Roles in ensuring the effectiveness of the wider criminal justice system

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