Cath Hannon

Cath Hannon

Board Member Cath Hannon

Cath is a former West Midlands Police officer, starting as a bobby on the beat in Handsworth and concluding her career 32 years later as Detective Superintendent.

During her time in the force, she fought against crimes including paedophilia, kidnapping and extortion, anti-social behaviour, terrorism, organised crime, gang violence and child exploitation.

Cath worked with many different agencies and people to develop innovative schemes to protect the residents of the West Midlands. This included leading multi-agency teams to improve police investigations and support for victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, forced marriage, 'honour'-based violence, as well as safeguarding children and vulnerable adults. She built partnerships across national and international boundaries to increase community safety regarding the policing and supervision of violent and sex offenders. 

Cath's work was recognised with the 2010 West Midlands Safeguarding Award for services to protecting children, and she has received a number of commendations for her investigation skills and work as an ambassador for the police.

After retiring from policing in 2010, Cath worked as an investigator for the General Social Care Council, responsible for the regulation and investigation of social workers. She is currently a trustee for the Rape and Sexual Violence Project (RSVP), which provides support and counselling for men and women in the Birmingham and Solihull areas.

Cath has completed a Professional Doctorate in Policing, Security and Community Safety, specialising in the management of high-risk offenders and has a Master of Science Degree in Clinical Criminology and 

In November 2012, Cath was an independent candidate in the first West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner election. She has served on the Strategic Policing and Crime Board since its inception. 

She has responsibility for a number of portfolios including Operations, Public Protection and is chair of the Victims Commission, which is tasked with improving services for victims of crime across the West Midlands.