Commission on Gangs and Violence



In 2016, following an increase in violent crime in the West Midlands, the Police and Crime Commissioner launched a major review into gangs and violence in the region. David Jamieson wanted answers to better understand why these crimes were on the rise.  

A team of specialists were assembled to form a Gangs and Violence Commission. The group consisted of the following people, each with their own responsibilities:

  • Joan Campbell - Women and families 
  • Bobby Dennis - The relationship between older and younger generations  
  • Rev Robin Thompson - Prisoners, offenders and the role of faith
  • Craig Pinkney & Tanayah Sam - Young people
  • Lincoln Moses - Young people and diversionary activities
  • Mohammed Ashfaq - South Asian and Somalian communities 
  • Rev. Dr Carver Anderson - Final report and recommendations
  • Rev. Derek Webley - Chairperson

They began by talking and listening to the people of the West Midlands. They then worked closely with local communities to find answers. They carried out surveys, held interviews, conducted workshops, visited schools, businesses and sports clubs, spoke with the Prince's Trust and liaised with central Government.

Every conversation had one purpose. To find out why the number of gun and knife crime incidents had increased and what could be done to tackle the problem. 

The full report was published on December 7th 2017, further details on the report can be found here.


                 Rev Dr Carver Anderson and Chief Constable Dave Thompson